Monday, February 20, 2006

Sammy Ayala en Candela

Hey we are proud to announce that we are starting to record the new album for the living legend Sammy Ayala. The album will be out this summer and we will put out a couple of 12" with remixes by Nickodemus, Quantic, Truth & Soul records, Local 12 beten others. We also will be doing a DVD about Sammy's life into Salsa and his experiences with his compadres Rafael Cortijo and Ismael Rivera. More info very soon. By now we are getting ready for the studio this Wednesday and planning a live show at Rumba around the 11 or 12. We let you know in the next couple of days.

In other news Turntables on the Hudson 6 is coming out in April and includes 2 cuts from Candela Recordings just got it and start listening tomorrow. This issue is all about remixes so they are using Brobombique and PR pa'gozar by Candela all stars remixed by Matty II Deep and Quantic & Nickodemus. More info soon.
Nickodemus and Dzine are here having fun in the sun and Little louis is coming soon and Anicee is coming also. So wait a couple of days for some new fresh news.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

San Sebastian 152


Hey whats up here you have a link to listen to some mp3s from the project. Hey this is not the finish product is not mixed, arrange or Mastered it still needs some vocals it will be ready this week. Make your comments.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hey we did it!!! we recorded an album in a week and did the live show at Rumba with special guests Pedraza & Sammy Ayala on vocals. It was just amazing we recorded the show and we are going to release it very soon. This will be a classic record. We played it last night at Candela and this client a big Latin music fan words was "Se jodio el Latin Jazz" really the music is very incredible ad now Rostarr will do the cover and is ready to print. More info soon.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Almost ready

Hey the project is coming amazing we are almost ready we just have to finish some vices, brass and percussion in 2 songs and we are set for the live show this Tuesday night at Rumba. Fotos and music very soon. Musicians includes Pupi Santiago, Diego Centeno, Hector Calderon, Zoe Velez, Georgie y Tito Cruz, Javier Rivera, Alfredo y Nico from Pupis band. More soon

Monday, January 30, 2006

Ok lets see

Ok lets see how i can keep this blog the more updated I can. I'll try to post the progress with the project this week with Truthandsoulrecords. Also the progress with other projects. This last week i talked to Dzine about the show at the Baltic Museum in UK and a compilation for the show music from Dj Cam, Candela Recordings, Local 12 etc. Planning a party for the opening. Also talk to Vikter Duplaix about some projects and a visit to PR. I wanted him to come to sing maybe in this project a song or 2 ,but not possible he has 2 gigs this week the 3 and 8. Been back and forward with Os gemeos for the show here in April they are going to Cuba so we are trying to do the best trip for them. Is coming together.

Just wrote to Max Lawrence from Space 1026 in Philly to do a show here in PR this year. Also talking to Wanda Ortiz to do a mural here at Candela Weepa woman es la que hay. Talking to Peter Doroshenko to curating a show at the hotel this year. Also talk to Mikey from Bugz in the Attic to try to release Hecho en Casa this summer. received very good props from our friends Bobbito, Vikter and Garth Trinidad about the Candela releases thanks a lot. Los Hermanos Latinos are working on a Local 12 remix cant wait to hear that.

saw some goods stencils from Logan Hicks and Adam5100 jsut met adam at Candela Gallery on his last night in PR. This week also Craig from Krink will be here vacationing. Looks like we will have a few parties here he friend of Ro. Party is good i just had a week of. I am ready for another year. How did come leave your coments boring? Whatever i try to post again this week with updates.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Hey this next week from the 31 of January to the 8 of February we will be doing some recording sessions with the people from Truth and Soul records from Brooklyn. Is a collaboration with Candela musicians looking forward for this project that will be out on a limited edition vinyl and on cd. Rostarr will be here starting to work with a book of Candela coming out on November and to work on the cover of this project.
We have test pressings for Brobombique and local 12 ep 12" coming out in a few weeks. Oreja vs Plenafro is on the pressing plant as well as La gringa by the Candela All stars. Tru Thoughts is re-releasing Mi Swing es Tropical with a new mix by Quantic & Nickodemus. Latina Cafe is coming out in Paris and includes Mi Swing together with other things from PR like Roberto Roena, El Gran Combo, Elvis Crespo interesting combination we hope it sells a lot.

We are planning a party in Miami at the Pelican Hotel the 23 it will be like a family affair there, the best music a lot of Rum and a lot of special guests .

Planning a big party for April with Sao Paulo in San Juan at Museo de PR with Os Gemeos, Nina, Nunca, Flip Dj Nuts and more.

Starting to work with the Candela Hotel in Old San Juan. It will be a Hotel Gallery a lot of events at the new spot. Ok leave your coments or write to

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Some news for 2006

So many news for this year. I will write down the most important ones.

This week is arriving Julian Lebron a dj/producer from Paris and Quantic. Next week is coming Nickodemus & Nappy G. We are starting a monthly with hopefully with Dj Scribe we have plans to bring some of the artist from this label so if you want to include it in your party and share costs get in touch. Also if you want a residency with your label or venue get in touch.

We are planning a few things for Miami this year the March 24 at Pelican Hotel in Ocean Drive.
Releases coming every month starting mid Jan with Brobombique Matthias Heilbronn with Candela All stars then Local 12 EP, Julieta by Oreja vs Plenafro, La Gringa by Matthias with Candela Allstars.

San Sebastian fest is coming the week of the 18 of January.

Rostarr is coming to work on the Candela Book to be release in November together with a big show at the Gallery and Basquiat at the MAPR. We are also working on a project with Truth and Soul records to do some live recordings with Candela All stars. Ro is working on his new book together with us.

Dzine is doing a show at the UK at the Baltic Museum check D site we are making some plans for that also.

We are starting a series of events with Candela Recordings thru Don Pablo, Bodega Chic, Candela, Rumba, 311 and Dragon Fly.

We have some more interesting news about lodging here in PR. More details soon.

We have the new t-shirts with logo Candela recordings.

Candelapr website coming soon with complete info. Thanks to all.

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all of you and your love ones.